Motorola Confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop Update for Moto X, Moto G and Moto E

When Motorola announced the Motorola Moto E in India, it had categorically announced intentions to support the device for next two major Android updates. After Google confirmed that Android L is out of Beta and set to hit the Nexus and GPE edition devices later this month, Motorola became the first OEM to come out and lay out in open its plan to bring the update to their devices.

Motorola Android L Lineup

It is an excellent news that Motorola has decided to bring the update to all of its Moto range of devices, including the first and second generation of Moto X, G and the Moto E. This makes the lineup of devices, easily the most affordable Android L devices out there. While the timing of when these updates will be released is not exactly known, you would believe that given largely Vanilla Android feel of these devices the updates would not take a very long time to hit once they hit the Nexus smartphones.

All the updates would be available OTA, and you can follow the updates live on Motorola’s update page right here. The official communication from Motorola India also confirmed that the Nexus 6 would be available later this year in India, making us, one of the 28 countries where the device would be first announced in after the United States.

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