Motorola Droid MAXX Picture Leaked

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx was one of the best Android devices. It has a very decent design, but the USP of the device was the absolute humungous battery life it had. It actually took a super human effort to kill the device in one day and was one of the phones I personally wanted to use for a very long time. However, the phone was stuck on Gingerbread for a very long time and eventually everybody ran out of patience with it and the device was out of the market much faster than most anticipated. Apart from probably the Note II, the Razr Maxx was the only device that you did not have to worry about your battery.

Droid Maxx leak

Looks like Motorola, now under Google is all set to bring the successor to the Razr Maxx in the form of Droid Maxx. If this image from Evleaks is to go by, then the device will very much bring the design ideas that went into designing the Razr device to the table. The Droid Maxx leaked is a Verizon device and there could be a fat chance the device will be a Verizon exclusive at least at the launch.

The Droid Maxx with it on screen capacitive buttons very much lie how stock Google devices such as Nexus 4 have. Although only the front of the device is visible in the leak, you see a small strip of a Kevlar like material at the bottom, so perhaps we will have similar back on the device like the indestructible one on the Droid Razr and Razr Maxx. Verizon have been actively promoting a new Droid is coming and we would not be surprised if all the hype is being built for this device.

Via: the Verge/@Evleaks

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