Motorola Holding an Event on May 13th to Bring its Latest Device

Ever since the takeover by Lenovo, a lot has been made out about how things would pan out in Motorola Mobility. While some believe the added benefit of working with a company with strong presence in the world of personal technology would be beneficial, the others have voiced a concern about how the relationship could be harmful if Lenovo tries to change the good work Motorola has done with the Moto G and Moto X.

Moto Invite

The answer to this could be available as early as May 13th when Motorola takes to stage to announce its latest smartphone. Rumors have been adrift for a while about potentially a low priced budget phone from Motorola that would be a successor to the Moto G.

The event is set to be held simultaneously in London and New Delhi on the 13th of May as Motorola has been handing the invites out. The copy on the invites clearly hint towards a phone for all, in other words a phone that would not burn a hole in your wallet. Given the event is being held in the UK and India, and not the US, it is an educated guess that there would be no Moto X+1 at least in the immediate future.


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