Motorola Moto 360 Second Generation Available on Amazon in India

The Motorola Moto 360 first generation was the runaway, or rather should we say the only hit product of Android Wearables post its launch last year. Since then, a fair few pretty Android Wear watches have come out, though the one that really interested everyone and had them glued was the second generation of Moto 360. The device, despite all its hype has not really picked the eyeballs the way the first generation of the watch did. 

Moto 360-second gen

It remains a hugely followed product and probably the best looking Android Wear watch you can still buy. The watch is now available from Amazon India, as Motorola breaks away from the monopoly of Flipkart, which has been the exclusive home of Moto 360 in India. The pricing on the Motorola Moto 360 Second Generation, remains the same as that on Flipkart, though you may want to consider Amazon because of the promise of one day delivery at select pin codes, given you fall within the perimeter of a chosen Zip code. A couple of versions of the watch, including the gold leather and silver versions are not available on Amazon just yet, so that is where you may want to go back to Flipkart.

However, given the sale has just started a day ago, we do expect the watch to have all the variants available very soon on Amazon India.

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