Motorola Moto 360 with Steel Band Launched in India

It is only fair to say that the Motorola Moto 360 has been the star performer when it comes to Android Wear devices so far. Largely due to the round dial with a metallic finish, the 360 is possibly the only Wearable device that actually looks like a watch that you would like to wear on say a personal engagement. The watch was announced in India with a leather band in two colors, but to give you a little bit more freedom with style and ability to have your personal taste reflecting on the watch, the Moto 360 is now available with steel bands.

Moto 360

This gives the watch a feel of a more run off the mill analogue watch, a bit like the Tissots of the world, and will be available on Flipkart exclusively just like the Moto 360. The watch has been priced at Rs 19,999 which is about INR 2K above the original Moto 360 with leather bands.

The watch comes in two variants, that is silver and black stainless steel, though all the other specifications including the 1.5 inch 320 P display remain exactly the same as that of the old leather Moto 360. There is good new if you own an SBI debit or credit card as Motorola is offering 10% discount to you on the watch untill April 28th.

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