Motorola Moto E Receives a Price Cut in India

In what could be the first sign of it being phased out, Motorola Moto E has received a fairly heavy price cut in India. The device is now available for a full INR 1,000 less at INR 5,999 for those who pick it from Flipkart, the channel partners for Motorola in India. The device has been one of the major devices which has brought the limelight to the lower budget segment resulting in plenty of options for the people to pick up a good device in the price region that before the Moto E was largely untouched.

Moto E

The device is expected to have its successor announced at MWC in Barcelona in March and therefore it just may well be the first signs that Motorola is looking to phase the phone out. In fact, Motorola has a history of doing that in the recent past and we have seen devices like Motorola Moto X as well the first generation of Moto G receive a substantial price cut when their successors were on the horizon.

Interestingly while the devices, both the white and black variant have received the price cut, the accessories have remained round about the same price as they were selling. At Rs 5,999, the Motorola Moto E makes for a terrific choice, even though some of its deficiencies such as a less than perfect display are pretty well known.

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