Motorola Moto X+1 to come with more than 25 Backplate Options

Motorola Moto X was the device that announced the comeback of Motorola in the mainstream personal tech world of the smartphones. The phone was also the first one to bring the sort of customizations and options to the hardware. As a result, the successor of the Moto X is keenly awaited, but one thing that all of us are really interested in knowing what the successor of the device, that is expected to come sometime at the end of this year would bring to the table.

Moto X+1 back

It is a good guess that the device will bring some upgraded hardware specifications to the table, the interesting bit though, would be what new customizations will the phone bring in. According to the Twitter account @Evleaks, the device is expected to come in more than 25 different back panel options. Most of the options are same as the Moto X, but if you see the image tweeted by @Evleaks, you can see the device will be available in a leather backpanel too. There are expected to be four different variants of the backpanel with Black, Red, Grey as well as Blue colour being made available. It would be also interesting to see if the leather on the device is actual leather or a stitched plastic job like we have seen on the Note series recently. However, given that Motorola did pull off a wooden Moto X, which will come with the Moto X+1 too, it is not beyond the realms of possibility of a genuine leather backpanel.

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