Motorola Removes the Annoying Carrier Name from Status bar by making it optional in Android 4.4.3 update

Motorola’s Moto range of smartphones have a strange feature whereby the carrier ID takes up space on your notification bar. this takes away plenty of space that could otherwise be used up by the incoming notifications. Add to it, not all of us are interested in having our carrier ID on top of the notification bar as their branding in most cases can be pretty irritating thanks to odd names.

Motorola Carrier ID

But with the latest Android 4.4.3 update that is hitting all the unlocked Motorola Moto devices, there would be an option to hide away the Carrier ID on top of your device. While the latest Android 4.4.3 update does not bring too many features on the surface of things, this is a rather important one. To disable the carrier ID, all you need to do is get into the Network Settings of your device and uncheck the box of ‘Show Mobile Network’ to hide the carrier ID.

If you still pull the notifications bar down, you will be able to see the carrier ID just like any other KitKat device. The news about this add on was made public by Punit Soni, who is the VP of Motorola on his G+ page. However, interestingly, the screenshot he posted was a 1080P however, interestingly none of Moto E, Moto G or Moto X have a 1080 P display. Maybe a 1080 P Motorola device is on the cards?



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