Motorola Xoom and Razr to Get ICS Update

Motorola has announced that its flagship device Motorola Razr and the 10.1 inch tablet Xoom will be getting an Android Ice-cream Sandwich update but it might take some time to update the devices. The company also said that this is the first series of devices to be update and many more devices will follow. The Droid Razr and Droid Bionic which are devices that are available in US will also be getting the ICS update.
Motorola is currently accessing the source code of Ice-cream sandwich and will be deciding when the update will be given to the devices and which other devices will be getting the update. Motorola said that the updates will take time as before updating the devices they must go through several stages including testing the software, stabilizing on various hardware configurations and testing the networks before giving it a nod.


This is what Motorola said on its blog:

“We are planning on upgrading as many of our phones as possible. The ability to offer the upgrade depends on a number of factors including the hardware/device capabilities, the underlying chipset software support, and the ICS support and then the ability to support the Motorola value add software”

It’s not that only Motorola is delaying the update process. Sony and Samsung also shared that updating the devices to Android Ice-cream Sandwich is a long process and will definitely take some time. The other problems which companies face are that they must certify the new software with different networks and technology which usually takes some time.
Although ICS is out in the open, Galaxy Nexus will be the only device running Android 4.0 for 1-2 months.

[via Techradar].

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