Mount Disk Image Files Easily with OSF Mount

Mounting CD/DVD images means making images accessible through the computer’s file system. There are many tools available for this purpose and OSF Mount is one such affective tool that makes mounting easier with itssimple and easy to use interface. OSF Mount is a software from PassMark that is free of cost which separates it from other popular apps.


OSF Mount is simple and easy to use. Its interface is direct in its approach and is absolutely free of cost. To start using the software, download the file and install it. Then, run the application.

\The main window of OSF Mount has everything you will need to mount images on your computer. Click on Mount New to start a mounting session. When you click on the “Mount New” button, a window will open up that looks like the one above. Select the specifications of the image files that you are about to mount like the source, location, size of the drive etc. You can even assign specific drive letters to the image drive so that every time you open this image file, it will open as with the same drive letter.

Select the type of drive you want to mount, whether you want an HDD, CD/DVD-ROM or Floppy. If you don’t know this then simply leave it in Auto. You can select the drive to be mounted as a removable media. So this will make it easier to remove after you are done with it. When all this is done, click Ok. The file will be mounted with the assigned drive letter.

Download OSF Mount.

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