Move Back Into The Past With YouTube Time Machine

Do you know that the first song ever recorded in the year 1860. From old to new, you can find all the epic videos in the website called YouTube. But old videos are always hard to find on YouTube because they are not sorted according to year.  YouTube Time Machine (YTTM) brings all the old memories back to you.

It is a web based service that shows you random videos after you select the year with the help of slider given at the top. Starting from year 1860, you can move to 2010.


It not only shows old videos according to years but also comes with some really cool features. There are various categories given on the right and you can turn them OFF (by pressing the green button) according to your interest and the player won’t show you any video related to that category. Pretty cool.

To watch the video of a particular year, just move the slider to that year. A video will appear. This site doesn’t gives you choice to select the video of the particular year, but it displays the video in a randomize way. If you want another video of that year then just click on the “Play Another Vid!” button. A next video will appear.

To make this website, the team has manually searched for 4000 videos and divided them into years 1860 to 2010. It is made by team of four people Justin Johnson, Delbert Shoopman, Andrew Cornett (designer) and Aaron Pollock (coder).

Check out YouTube Time Machine (YTTM) [via GigaOm].

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