Move Important Files From One Drive to Another with Steamover

Steamover is an app that allows users to move files from one drive to another easily. This app is quite useful when it comes to copying game files to other drives when you need space in a drive. This app will copy the game files into another drive with the game working perfectly without any problems.


Steamover is a simple application that allows users to move large files from one drive to another easily. Sometimes users need space in a specific drive for some task but will not have that space because they have a game installed there which cannot be removed until they finish the game. Now users can move the files of the game from one drive to another without causing any problems to the game running on your computer. Steamover takes care of all that. Simple install the application and run the file. Select the file or folder that you want to move to another drive. Then select the drive to which you want the files or folders to be moved to. Then within a few minutes, all these files will be transferred to the specified location without any change to the files or folders in terms of their operation i.e, the system can recognize those files even after they are moved to another location.

Download Steamover.

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