Move your Files and Folders Easily with LD Move

In Windows, moving files and folders from one location to another is not an easy task, especially when you want to move many files which are large in size. The default Windows moving tool handles each file one after the other which can take a lot of time when the number of files as well as the size of the files is large. LD Move is a portable tool that can help users to move these files easily and comparatively quickly.

ld move

LD Move is a portable application for Windows that is designed to move multiple applications from one location to another quickly and easily. It is like a download manager for Windows. You can start, pause, skip files, cancel the moving or copying of files whenever you want. In the default Windows tool for moving items, each files is handled one by one which makes the moving slow and can take a pretty long time when it comes to moving large files. LD Move is designed to handle multiple files at once and can copy or move files to other locations much quicker that the Windows tool. LD Move is a portable application so it wont interfere with any of your system files for moving items. You can use this app whenever you like.

To move files using LD Move, simply drag and drop folders to the main window of LD Move, specify the location to which you want to move the files and click Start. You can specify which files you want moved first and which ones last.

Download LD Move.

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