Move your Window by Moving Your Cursor Left or Right With Window Slider

Window Slider is an app that allows users to move windows on their desktop by simply moving their cursor either to the left or to the right of their computer screen to move the selected window accordingly. There may be times when there are many windows open at once on the desktop. The user may want to move a window slightly to the side so that they can view the other windows below the selected one. This can be done easily with Window Slider.

window sliderwindow slider config

Window Slider is easy to use. First, install the app onto your computer. Run the application. Now Windows Slider automatically attaches itself to the system tray. Click on the Windows Slider icon to configure the settings for the app. You can set the hotkeys or shortcuts for the movement of windows using the keyboard. While configuring the app, the movement of windows using Windows Slider will not be possible. You will have to first save the changes. Assign the hotkeys and click Save. Now if you have a window open on your desktop, select the window and move your cursor to the left. You will notice the window will move to the right. Similarly move your cursor to the right of your computer screen and you will notice the window moving towards the right. To place the window back to its central position, you can use the keyboard and type in the assigned shortcut.

This app is quite useful if you are the type of user who has a large number of windows open at once. Window Slider can make it simpler for you by reducing the number of unnecessary clicks that you perform like for moving windows from one place to another.

Download Windows Slider.

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