Mozilla Wants to Develop Web Apps to Compete with Mobile Apps

What names comes to your mind when you hear the word Apps, I think Apple or Google. This is because Apple and Google are the front runners when it comes to the mobile world. While the smartphone industry is growing significantly, it has made sure that native apps are re-born.

However, Mozilla is hoping that soon Web-apps will provide a comparable experience to the users. According to Mozilla:

We are aiming at providing all the necessary APIs to build a basic HTML5 phone experience within the next 3-6 months

Well, Chrome OS is not the only Browser based OS which is entering the web-apps space. Mozilla says that developers can use their WebAPI to build an HTML 5 Phone and it will be compatible across all operating systems.

Mozilla is planning to make the API interact with phone’s contact list, camera, and dialer so that you can access them directly from your device’s browser.

The WebAPI project certainly isn’t trying to create a full-blown operating system. However Mozilla’s Boot to Geeko project could be a possible alternative to Google’s Chrome OS.

It looks like Mozilla is seriously looking forward to challenge Google’s Chrome OS and they will soon be hiring full time developers to make sure that the basics are done and out by February next year.

We invite our community to work with our newly formed WebAPI team on closing the device API gap that exists today between the open Web platform and native APIs,” Mozilla’s Jonas Sicking said.

We have seen a lot of developer avoiding the app store by launching browser based web apps for iPad and other mobile devices. This makes sure that the developers don’t have t share profits, don’t need to agree to terms and conditions of the app store and can provide update anytime they feel like. I think the work Mozilla and Google are doing might have a big impact on the way apps are used on our devices.

[via ZDnet].

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