Mp3 Rocket is a Better Alternative to Limewire

There were many people who were disappointed when Limewire, one of the most popular p2p clients was shut down due to copyright issues. The software was very easy to use and delivered extremely efficient search results. Mp3 Rocket is another tool similar to Limewire that allows users to download and share music through the internet.

This tool has easy to use interface where you can search and download your favorite audio as well as video files for free. It even has a media converter that comes in handy for those pocket players.

Mp3 Rocket contains the option of sharing your music files on facebook, twitter and even google plus. The tool contains its own media player from where you can preview the files you wish to download.

You can also watch TV online using this tool. Mp3 Rocket contains a large list of channels through which you can access the content you want to watch. The streaming quality is good and there are a wide range of channels to select from so you will never get bored of using it.

It also has the option of listening to online radio. Again there is a wide range of channeld that you can choose from and you can listen to genre specific stations depending upon your mood.

So all-in-all Mp3 Rocket is a handy tool that can help you get through a very boring day with all the things it has to offer.

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