Mplayr: Listen and Share Top Music Albums on Internet

Internet has become one of the most popular medium to listen and share songs. There are several music websites present where you can listen to your favorite song online easily. Some services also offer you to download songs free. Mplayr is an online music search and streaming service where you can listen to all the popular songs and also share them with your friends easily.

You can create a playlist of favorite songs to listen to it anytime you want. You can also search any song using a search box present at the top right. The website is powered by Grooveshark, a popular music search engine. Also you can share songs on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites by using a share button next to the thumbnail.


No sign up is required to use this site. But you can sign in with your Facebook account. There are many charts available to you such as UK top chart, US top chart, UK iTunes chart, US iTunes chart. Also there is an Mplayr users chart where you can find popular music selected by Mplayr users. On homepage, you can find 20 most popular music at a time.

Check out Mplayr to listen and share songs online.

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