MS- Office in the works for iPad?

Tech world is a rather monotonous place without rumours going on about the upcoming products and techs. If the latest reports by the Daily are to be believed then Microsoft are in works to develop a dedicated Ms-Office application for the Apple iPad. The move definitely makes a lot of sense since the iPad has captured over 80% of the tablet world market so a dedicated office app would only be a positive for both Apple and Microsoft.


It is also expected that in line with iPad, a new Office version for the Macintosh is also being ready for launch. It is rumored that the package would include popular softwares such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel for the iPad making document viewing and editing a lot easier than what it has been. There are a few applications ready made such as Docx to go and Google Docs currently available, but they have clearly not bought the desktop like feel of editing and viewing documents. Specifications are definitely not a stumbling block because the iPad is definitely on par with most of the desktop PC specs at least of about 2 years ago and they could run Office very well. So, it is pretty surprising that it has taken it so long for Microsoft to look at the opportunity in the Tablet world.

With Windows rumored to be preparing a Windows 8 Tablet PC, it is a very good guess that Microsoft would be preparing a portable Office for tablets, and iPad being the market leader would definitely get it. However, this is not the first time such rumors have surfaced since they did similar rounds around the launch of ipad 2, but nothing came out of it. however, lets hope, there is more truths to this rumor and iPad lovers like me can finally get to edit and view their documents on their tablets. Whatever the case, be sure to check back as we continue to keep a close eye on the development of this story.

(via: Iphoneheat)

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