Multi Angle Viewing is the Newest Feature Coming to Youtube

There is nobody who caters to more video consumption than Youtube. Ever since being taken over by Google, Youtube has continuously evolved and added new things on board. Be it the recent offline viewing on mobile or the revamped look both on mobile and desktop, Youtube has not stood still. We have seen a fair share of experimenting with live content too on Youtube too with Youtube Live as well as the most recent one with HTC RE.


The newest feature to hit Youtube, still in experimenting stages is Multi-Angle Viewing where the user can switch between the cameras shooting the event for a more fulfilling experience. This gives a very true television like feel to Youtube and rather than depending on one camera feed, you can select where you would like to see the performance from. For the moment, the feature is available only on request on the live performance of YouTube star Madilyn Bailey.

You too can check the same out by filling in the form here. We expect plenty of live shows to use this feature and would be definitely one of the collest things to happen, especially when it comes to broadcasting sports as well as musical performances live.

Via: Billboard

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