Music Download Lets You Download Free MP3 Songs To Your Android Smartphone

We at Blogtechnika are obsessed with music, that’s why we always come up with tweaks and ways for all our readers to enjoy free music, but in a legal way.

Our smart phones today are our favourite music players as we love to listen music and radio on it. A smart phone must have good multimedia capabilities. However unlike iOS , on Android we can download music from the web and directly play it without having to sync it through an app like iTunes. This is a massive advantage and one application that helps us download the music for free is music download.

A common way to download music is browsing a music site from the phone browser and downloading from there, but it’s a pain having to navigate all the way and we all love short cuts. This is exactly what this application does.

Available for free in the Google Play Store, music download has a rather big database of your favorite music and has the ability to download it to your phones flash memory.  The application also gives you the option to listen to the song just in case you wish to be sure of before downloading it.

The UI of the application is very easy on the eye and simple to navigate, and the music library is well compiled and we could find about 8  of the 10 songs we tried looking  for from varied genres and languages which was impressive. The choices are good and very few downloads were corrupt which was a good thing. All in all it was easy and probably the simplest way to download songs on to my beloved Android device.

You too can download this application from the Google Play Store for free, here.


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