Must Have Accessories For Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S III has had an extremely successful launch worldwide. It has quickly become one of the, if not the most talked about and sought after smart phones today. It is a common knowledge that when a device becomes popular, so does the demand of it;s accessories. So here we show you few things that would help you to get more out of your Galaxy SIII. I bet lot of you did not even know these accessories existed.

Galaxy S3 Desktop Dock: This is an interesting add on to your smart phone. It lets you dock the device and make it stand vertically. It also had a 3.5 mm headset jack which lets you take an audio output from the phone. As a bonus, the device also gets charged while it is docked. A very handy and a must have accessory to your phone. Here is the video to show you the dock in action.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover:  Yes, a flip cover. And no, no lawsuits so far by Apple. But, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a beautiful display and we must protect it from scratches and marks. This is exactly the function of the smart cover. Additionally, it only adds to the visual beauty of your device.

Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi Display Hub: This is definitely one of the for the sake of convenience accessory. A WiFi hub lets you directly stream videos and music to a supported TV. It is not a necessity but just in case you have some extra cash lying around to blow, go ahead wand enjoy things on a bigger screen.

Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger: This is another luxury accessory. It lets you charge your spare battery if you have any for the Galaxy SIII. It also lets you hold the smartphone in the slot nicely so that it is just not lying around anywhere.

Galaxy S3 C-Pen: The C pen is in my opinion one accessory we can well do with. The Galaxy Note showed that on a giant screen how much more does having a pen(stylus) add to the over all functionality of the device. It lets you quickly take notes and make sketches and painting right on the device itself. In my opinion, the C pen should have been shipped with the device itself.

All these accessories can be easily picked up from the nearby local stores or even from websites such as Ebay. There maybe a lot more such accessories that could be available for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Do let us know if you find any more of such in the comments section below.

Via: Androidauthority

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