Must Have Tweaks For iPad

Apple iPad is by far our favorite tablet of choice. Jailbreaking your device can lead to some amazing customization which can definitely make your device even better. Here is our pick of the tweaks that we believe will make your iPad so much more cooler than what it is currently.

Retina pad: This is one of the most essential tweak which is out there for ipad. It enables you to view most of the iphone apps in 2x mode. Like the name suggests , it enables Retina display for iPhone apps running on iPad. You can purchase it from cydia for $2.99, or if you know how to get paid stuff for free from cydia, then its icing on the cake for you.

Activator: Do we really need to discuss what Activator is or what is it capable of?  We all have seen what it can do on an iPhone and it’s a boon for iPad too. It will allow you to perform multiple functions from anywhere on the home screen or from the lock screen. Basically from anywhere on your iPad. A MUST HAVE.

FullScreen: As the name goes, it will allow you to have a full screen safari which will just improve  your browsing experience. And as we know, one of the most useful function of the ipad is internet browsing. The package is officially available for $2.19.

ProTube HD: A Youtube application for iPad which is way better than the native application. A plethora of features but what I love the most about this application is the ability to download videos from youtube, and not only videos, it can also extract the audio from a video and allows you to save it in MP3 format. A really useful app if you are a “youtuber”.

IntelliscreenX: This will change your lockscreen in a way you cant begin to imagine. My advice, just download this application straight away and see what all you can do with or on yout lockscreen and also improve your notification centre. Name it and you have it.

Zeppelin: This is basically an iphone tweak but it also works on ipad. Thankfully. What it does is, it replaces your carrier by some other symbol. Lets say you have an ipad 3G and you don’t like the name coming next to the signal bars, this tweak will let you replace that name by various symbols such as the batman logo, or android logo, a cool tweak to have.

Ifile: A file manager without which any jailbroken device is incomplete.

Password Pilot: Thanks to Apple, you have to enter your Password every time you download apps from the application store, secure but irritating to be honest. Password pilot saves you the trouble of entering your password again and again. Just enter it once and password pilot will remember it for you.

So these were our chosen tweaks for iPad or the iPad 2.  Hopefully, they would help you increase the functionality of an already amazing device. Do let us know if there are any tweaks we might have missed out on and you know about.


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