Mute Windows While Starting and Shutting Down With Auto Mute

Auto Mute is an app which allows users to mute Windows sounds during the logoff, sleep,startup and shut down processes so they are done quietly. Sometimes at night, when others are sleeping, you don’t want them to wake up when you switch on your computer. In that respect, Windows sounds can be quite annoying, especially for XP users where the startup sound is irritatingly loud when in left in full volume.


There are many customizable settings on the app that you can set according to your liking.

1. You can choose to run the app at startup automatically. This can be done without worrying too much about the load time as this app is light and does not use much of the system’s resources.

2. You can set the app to be displayed in the system tray at all times so you can access it easily.

3. You can configure when the sounds of your computer are to be muted, like during shutdown, startup or sleep processes or if the computer has been locked or when the screensaver appears.

4. You can set a keyboard shortcut from the app so that whenever you want to mute the sounds, you can use that shortcut to do so. The default shortcut key is set to Ctrl+F10.

5. You can configure the app to play a sound to notify you if the sounds are turned on.

Download Auto Mute.

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