MX Video player is Amazing Music and Video Player For Android

Smart phones are quickly turning to be our favorite multimedia hub. In fact we probably watch a lot more movies on our phones and hear a lot more songs on our phones than on a dedicated music player. A lot of it is down to gorgeous screens and fantastic audio quality, but at times the default media player is not really up to the scratch. In fact I can say pretty confidently that the Android default player is probably not on par with some of the better music players out there. So why should we miss out on a good musical experience.

MX Video player is an awesome video player for Android. In fact, it can play probably all the video formats out there even including the ones containing the subtitles like mkv. The player combines with rich media content playing with beautiful full screen playback. The UI is simple, easy to use and very simple.


Some of the commonly known video formats that the player supports are: .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .divx and many more. The application also comes with an auto detect feature which automatically detects the video files on your SD card or you can manually open one video file as you wish to. It also provides with any additional information corresponding to the video inside the application.


Also, there are various interesting gestures that are present, that help to perform easy and regular tasks like toggling the playing bar or showing up the play pause buttons etc.

The playback is extremely smooth and I have not experienced any jitters. Another problem I did face with the default player at times was the fact that the audio track would not be in sync with the video track. This seemed to have been eliminated and the video played pretty much perfectly. The player is available for absolutely free from the market place and I highly recommend this over any other video player for Android. Please note that you would need Android 2.1+ to be running on your device to run this application.

Download MX Video Player.

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