My Experience With Convergence India 2012

Last week I was invited by Mediaredefined folks to attend an event known as Convergence India 2012. The event was held on 21st to 23rd March 2012 and the several new technologies related to Telecom and communications (Optical Fiber, Android based IPTV, advanced storage, chips, mobile applications and many other) were displayed.

Just after the event started, I attended a press conference by Broadband Forum announced year end 2011 global broadband and IPTV subscriber data. Also CEO Robin Mersh highlited the growing trends of IPTV in Indian subcontinent and Asia.

After press event, I hanged around exhibition where various companies demonstrated their products. I was impressed by internet TV maker company Coship. It is really different from other TV makers in terms of it’s touch based remote control, it’s easy to use user interface and inbuilt games.

I was also impressed by C Dot, a company focusing on easy to use information system where rural and less tech savvy user can use internet to check news, and other important information by just clicking few buttons.

I attended one important conference on mobile apps called “Building business model around apps/services”. There were great list of panelist present on a conference. Mr. Kunal Bajaj Director India, Analysis Mason,  Jari P. Angesleva, Mr. Parta Bose, Ms Annie Matthew, Mr Robin Mersh, Mr. Vijay Shanker Sharma, Mr. Vipin Tyagi were present.

The agenda of conference was local mobile apps. Some great suggestion arrived from panelist Mr. Vipin Tyagi and Mr Jari. Mr. Vipin Tyagi suggested that app developer should focus on 70% population of India who are not too rich and don’t know how to use mobile apps. The interface should be so simple so that anyone can understand its use.

Mr Jari, VP Smart Phone solutions suggested that game app should be made where game money should be used in building schools and user should know what cause they are doing while playing games. Great thought.

Overall this event was very nice experience and I came to know about so many technologies in very short span of time. I really feel that with the advent of these technologies, India will rise and grow very fast. I am eager to see these technologies in use by general users.

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