My Paper Plane 3: A very Addictive Game For Your iPhone

Glide effortlessly through a wide range of terrains and relive your paper plane days with this simple yet addictive game.

So the game play for My Paper Plane is pretty easy. The player selects a Paper Plane to fly through a town, collect stars and not crash into any of the obstacles. The simple and very effective tilt controls are where this game scores big. You’ll move your Phone up, down, and side to side as you swerve through intricate levels, aiming for the stars to earn high scores, crazy combos and sweet boosts. The dodgings are pretty cool to execute if you learn them and the tilt sensitivity is quite brilliant when set at high. There are currently five different locations to breeze through, although it’s not quite that easy. You must unlock each scene and there are four levels of difficulty in each local with insane being the toughest and most exciting one as the plane glides fastest and the gameplay becomes quite spectacular. This game tests your skill at every gravity defying turn. Thanks to a highly customizable interface My Paper Plane 3 gets top marks for user interface. Paper Plane 3 also integrates with Game Center for achievements and global leaderboards, which is always a boost to our competitive streaks.

The levels are gorgeous and randomized, so the game is never boring and always a little different. The course selection screen is a lot of fun, a responsive world for you to explore as you unlock new courses.

We can’t say enough about the high quality 3D rendering in this game. The app is truly universal, meaning it looks amazing on the iPhone’s retina display but also makes the most of the iPad’s expanded screen space. The fun plane models you can unlock for getting good scores are awesome, and every local is unique.

Summing up the salient features:

  1. Dynamically generated levels.
  2. Awesome power-ups.
  3. Many fun, unique locales. (More coming soon!)
  4. Many planes and other vehicles to choose from.
  5. Exhilarating feeling of flight.
  6. Incredibly fluid motion.
  7. Easy, ultra-accurate controls.
  8. Medals and Achievements.
  9. Online Leaderboards.
  10. Retina Display Support

According to us this app is a steal for just a few bucks. The high quality of work, endless gaming style and competitive Game Center integration help make My Paper Plane 3 a solid app with tons of fun potential. If you come across any other exciting games feel free to share it with us.

Price: $0.99 in app-store and free in installous

Publisher: Wavecade

Genre(s): Games, Racing, Action

Filesize: 19.60MB

App Version: 1.6

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