Myntra to Shut Down the website from May 1st

The Indian E-Com website, is set to do away with its website starting May 1st. Myntra in terms of traffic drawn to the portal is one of the top three E-Commerce websites in India and has been really popular especially among women for their large collection of fashion goods and accessories.


Recently it was revealed that Myntra draws almost 70% of its traffic from its mobile app and almost 80% of the transactions in terms of sales are held directly on the application. This is why the company has decided to do away with the website and solely focus on bringing Myntra products directly on the mobile application. The news is not a shock really, as there had been indications as early as February this yeat, where Myntra had made it super clear that they would perhaps do away with the website if the sales percentage from the app reaches say, 90%. Despite that number not quite there just as yet, Myntra will be only a mobile application starting May 1st.

The Myntra app is available currently on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platform, ensuring that you can explore the products irrespective of the platform on your smartphone. There is apparently a massive 360 degree online-offline marketing campaign that has been planned to announce this move and it would be something that we will see in the coming days.

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