MySmartPrice Allows Users to Compare Smartphone Prices Using Whatsapp

MySmartPrice, a price comparing tool for the web has brought a new feature to their service which allows the users to quickly find the price of any electronic gadget they wish, using Whatsapp. This is a unique feature and allows MySmartPrice to increase the userbase as even today in India, people extensively use Whatsapp on 2G which really puts the website content they can load on their smartphones into question.


This move by MySmartPrice is really interesting as it allows users to sit back and get all the information directly on Whatsapp which works perfectly on 2G connections too. Given the ever increasing penetration on mobile as well as the ever growing database of MySmartPrice, the move is likely to see a large usage of the service in the coming times.

When we spoke to MySmartPrice, they told us that the process was completely automated thanks to the team and as a result, there is likely to be no latency in receiving the response from them as the user looks to find the best price available for the products within India. You simply need to drop in a Whatsapp message to the predefined number which is 9332 222 222 and drop in their query for prices. Reporting a traffic of over 15 million searches, MySmartPrice has one of the largest databases, when it comes to comparisons for prices in India and since the entire service is integrated with the same database, you can expect response to pretty much every query you may have in terms of finding the appropriate prices.

You can catch the demonstration of the service right here:

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