Network Spoofer Lets You Mess With Your Friends’ PC

We all love irritating our friends. But there is another thing we love even more, that is irritating friends with things that are pretty unheard of, for example shouting to them, oh yes, i have your PC hacked. Imagine the state of your friend when he knows you can get into his PC and shuffle all his data. Well, sadly for you we are not going to be doing any such thing, at least today. But we have the next best thing for you. Yes, now you can hack into your friends’ PC and have a little fun. Let’s call it friendly hacking.

Network Spoofer is a fun application available on the Google Play store that lets you have a little more control over unsecured connections than what is usually required. With this application you can mess around with the websites on your friends’ PC, flip arounf or even Blur images. You can also redirect websites or swap Youtube videos. This aint all as there are a multitude of different features available.

The application can be found here. However, we exect all the users to use this application responsibly and not to misuse it. The developer of this application too intends to give out the aplication just for fun’s sake and not to invade somebody’s privacy, that is the reason this disclaimer, ” The developer(s) of this application are not in any way responsible for it’s use or misuse; only use it for demonstration purposes on networks for which you have permission to do so.”

So I hope you would have fun with the application, do let us know what pranks you played on with your friends, but be careful to not do something destructive.

Via: XDA

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