Never Miss Out Your Important Email With Snooze Your Email

Lets say you got an email. You checked it and mark it as unread or starred or assigned a label to check it later. Sometime you forget to check those mail later and missed the important task to complete. To get rid of this kind of situation you should get Snooze Your Email. It is a powerful Chrome extension that reminds you about your important emails. All you need to do is to install the extension on your browser.

In option panel you’ll get many options like desktop notifications, notification sounds, mark snoozed emails as unread etc.


To send your email in snoozed mode, you have to click on a Snooze dropdown button. Now select the time you want to recheck a particular mail. If you select 5 min then after 5 minutes a desktop notification will appear along with sound which reminds you to check your email.


Here is the screenshot of desktop notification. Looks similar to Gmail’s default desktop notification.


This extension is safe to use as it doesn’t monitor your email data in your browser. If you are productive and get plenty of emails then this extension is a must have for you.

Download Snooze Your Email Google Chrome Extension [via Lifehacker].

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