New Features for HTC One in Android 4.2.2 update Previewed

HTC One has been one of the few devices which has been revered by both the experts and general people who do not understand the intricacies of Technology. However, when the device was launched, one thing that did put most of the people off was that HTC One ran the older version of Android, and not the latest version that was JellyBean 4.2.2. The update was promised to be coming soon, and barely more than a month since the global launch of the device, the update to Android 4.2.2 seems to on the horizon for the HTC One.

Battery Percent_HTC One

The rumoured leaks of the firmware show some very useful features that would be coming to the device. There would finally be a way to activate the battery percentage from the setting. The leaks also show that there could be a lot more customizations you could do with the hardware buttons in the sense what long pressing them could do. The device will also get quick settings toggles like in stock Android 4.2.2 but with few more options such as ability to turn power saver mode on.

HTC One_Quick Toggles

Blinkfeed has also been improved. There is also rumour that the icons present in the dock would also show up in the app drawer now. Lock screen widgets and photospheres are not very clear, as to how they would be implemented in the HTC lock screen. There obviously would be a lot more changes than these when the update does roll out. But for a start, these are extremely impressive ones.

Via: Android Police

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