New iPhone to have a BioMetric Sensor Built into Home Button?

There have been plenty of speculations about the budget iPhone and what specs could Apple be using on the device, however, one news not too many seem to be bothered is that we are pretty much sure shot going to be getting an update to iPhone 5, and if it is an incremental update like it always is, it would be in the form of iPhone 5s.


Given the way Apple likes to do things, we can be sure there would be no changes in the physical form factor of the device, and should have the same outer chassis as the iPhone 5, but there is one distinct new feature that may roll out with an iPhone 5s. The feature we are alluding to is a biometric sensor on the home button. This will basically detect finger prints and as a result provide an extra layer of security to your iPhone.


So far, this report was met with a lot of speculation, but after the release of iOS 7 Beta 4, there have been reports that a folder with name BiometricKitUI has been found which clearly states the existence of a Biometric scanner in the next iPhone as it is clear the next iPhone will come with iOS 7.

Are you excited about a finger print scanner on the next iPhone? Let us know in the section below.

Via: 9to5Mac

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