New Nexus 7 Specs and Images Leaked

Nexus 7 has been by far and away the most famous Android Tablet so far. Android tablets have although shipped in decent volumes, yet they have failed to establish themselves as a serious competitor to the famous iPad which remains to be the top dog in the tablet market. The Nexus 7 was probably the cheapest tablet one can pick up in the market at the moment which performs well. Asus though, looks like is not going to sit on it’s laurels and would be pushing out the new Nexus 7 alongside Google.


The announcement may come as early as July 24th when Google hosts an event for which events were handed out a few days ago. The device looks very similar to the older Nexus 7 with subtle design changes in the back of the device and sides. the bezel looks slightly bigger and there is an addition camera at the back of the device for casual users.


It is also being reported that the device will be running the Snapdragon S4 processor moving on from the Tegra 3 in the older Nexus 7. The price point too seems to be about $20 more expensive than the present generation of Nexus 7 device. The new Nexus 7 will sport massive 4 GB of RAM. So, just by looking at the specs you would feel that the device will be an absolute gigantic monster when it comes to power. We’ll obviously know more about the specs when the device is released.

Via: Redmondpie

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