New Pokemon X And Y Announced For Nintendo 3DS

I must admit despite being a full grown adult, I still turn into a seven year old kid when it comes to Pokemon. Alongside Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon was all I did for 24 hours, be it playing with trading cards, or watching the show, or even playing on portable gaming consoles later on Yes, those Nintendo games were not just favorite of mine but a billion others like me. However, the game had become bit boring, and nothing new was happening on the Pokemon front, until today.

pokemon x

While the whole world is catching up CES, Nintendo held a small conference in Japan where it quietly announced the brand new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on Nintendo 3DS. The games are expected to be out for everybody in October of this year. Yes it is a long wait, but definitely worth looking forward to. The game has 3D graphics now, and also a brand new set of characters allowing you to select new pokemons to start off with. There could not be any better news for Pokemon lovers on 3DS. You can check out the entire announcement by Nintendo below.

Do let us know how excited you are at Pokemon making a comeback of sorts on gaming consoles, or tweet in to me @techverarp.

Via: Technobuffalo

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