New Pricing Schemes Sees Increase in iPhone Sales in India

Apple’s smartphone share in India has never been very high. A lot of it is down to the fact that phones are not available for subsidised prices in India and you pretty much have to pay all the money upfront to own a device. And for the cheapest iPhone, you still have to shell out Rs. 26,500 which is way above what an average Indian consumer would be ready to pay for just a phone. Yes, like it or not, that is the way Indians still think about the iPhone or any other device for that matter.


However, off late Apple have been offering plenty of different options when it comes it owning an iPhone. You have 6 months EMI options with 0 interest and in some cases no processing fee as well. There is also an exchange offer where your old phone can be exchanged for a new iPhone and get Rs. 7,000 stricken off the bill. Schemes such as these have definitely made owning the device a lot easier and made it a popular option to the average consumer. No more is the iPhone an elusive device.

And the result of such a move is pretty impressive. The iPhone sale has increased by about 300-400% and as a result the market share of Apple in Indian market is about 3% now. Almost, 4,00,000 devices are now being sold every month in India and that indeed is a step in the right direction as Apple continues to strengthen it’s roots in emerging markets.

Via: BGR

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