New Stock Camera app surfaces on HTC One and Galaxy S IV Google Edition

WHen Google announced the Google version of Samsung’s flagship device the Galaxy S IV, it marked the beginning of a new trend. A trend where all the major OEM’s would have their flagships available in a totally de skinned, vanilla Android mode. The S IV was swiftly followed by the HTC One and both the devices are on sale on Play Store for $649 and $599 respectively.

Nexus_camera app

Image via: Android Central

As expected the two devices are pretty much the same hardware wise as the skinned versions but they are running stock and naked Android on top of them. Opening the Camera app of the two devices though was a bit of a surprise in the making as the Camera app was nothing like the stock Google Camera app as found on the Nexus 4 or other stock Android devices such as Galaxy Nexus which run Android 4.2.

The Camera controls are now no more in a radial format triggered when you touch the Camera screen, but a more semi circular format at the bottom of the screen. The new interface definitely looks cleaner and easier to use. This news though has again given the wind to the fire of upcoming Android update possibly to version 4.3. It would be interesting if this indeed is the Camera interface on the Android 4.3 or if it once again is a case of lack of consistency on the part of Android design team.

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