New Updated Line Suggests you Stickers based on your Conversation

Few years ago, whatsapp revolutionised the way we communicate and interact with our friends and families. Whatsapp has today become as much a mode of communication as meeting or calling comfortably overtaking the texting generation. However, since whatsapp, several IM apps have come and flooded the market doing exactly what whatsapp does, i.e IM, and in order to differentiate themselves from the competition have started to offer newer features like the ability to send stickers, record videos or even play games.

Line- Stickers

Line is one of the several apps that currently are battling out to the number one in the IM category and as a result continuously adding features. One of the new features that line has added with the version 4.6.0 update is the ability of the app to suggest you emojis and stickers based on your conversation that you are having. This enables users not to sit through and dig the stickers and emojis and makes the whole process a lot more natural. You can turn this feature off too, in case you find it a little nagging.

Line- Call Shortcut

Not just this, the new feature also brings improvement to the Line Feature calling facility that allows you to make calls to landlines and mobiles by using Line’s credit rather than your carrier airtime. You can directly place the calls with the icon on the desktop rather than going all the way within the app now, so that is certainly helpful. The app has also added arabic support as well as ability to share a URL with upto 10 chat rooms at once. For the users, using Line, the update would be pushed OTA and if it is not, you can check your Google Play Store or Apple Store based on your device.

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