New Video Demo Shows the Lens of Nokia EOS Device in detail

Nokia has always been extremely good when it comes to fitting their devices with top Camera units. Right from the days of the N series to the recently releases Lumia 920 and the PureView 808, Nokia has made some of the ground breaking good smart phones with Cameras. The PureView 808 was perhaps the most unique as well as the best Camera on a smart phone but was let down by a stale OS. Nokia is looking to resurrect the same magic of the 808, but on a Lumia device running the Windows Phone 8 OS. There have been images that have leaked out of the supposed EOS Nokia Device sporting a similar 41 MP Camera as the 808. You can check these images out here.

However, news has been thick and fast and now a video has surfaced giving the details of the lens of this EOS Device. There are some terrific close up shots which not only shows the lens but once again reiterates the beautiful build quality that you have come to associate with Nokia. The video also shows an XX MegaPixel rating of the Camera which perhaps indicates that the device is still in the testing phase and this may well be just a prototype and not the final product.


The device would have OIS as well as Optical Focus if the reports are to go by. Nothing new is known apart from the little specs we know of already such as a Polycarbonate Body, 32 GB of Internal Memory and perhaps an imminent launch on AT&T first.

Via: The Verge

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