newFbCover Lets You Create Facebook Cover Online

Facebook is probably the single most visited website on the planet today by the youths today. And the result of this is simple, everyone is busy siting around updating their profile images. However, with the latest update that FB rolled out, the timeline has been implemented which bought an additional image to the profile called the cover image. It is just another excuse for people to be adding an image to their profile. There have been a lot of ways to add a cover image, and usually every time you log in you see a hundred people changing their cover image. Yes, it is highly annoying how come people are so attached to an image and find the need to continuously  keep  it updated, but doing it once in a while is good.

So, if you would also like to do it once in a while, then we have a great way for you to do it. All you have to do is head over to newFbCover here. You can create or design your Facebook Cover just the way you want, easily and best of all for absolutely free. The UI of the website is really simple and easy to use. You can also get the timeline feature of Facebook in case you do not have by heading over to the site. You can select a template from various available for the sort of effect you wish. From there you add an image that you wish to use as your cover. You are then presented with an option to crop the image according to the set dimensions of Facebook. And once you do that, you are set to save the image and upload it on FB.

You need to log into FB in order to remove the small watermark at the end of the cover image. So,get going, and do share with us the image you generate.


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