Next Gen USB with Reversible Plug Coming in 2014

A lot was made when Apple announced the Lightening connector with the iPhone 5. It was a major leap for the company which so far had been using a rather big and ugly 30 pin connector. However, what Lightening connector bough to the table was that you could insert it either way and it worked fine taking away the pains of having to read which side are you inserting the cable.


And looks like USB is so set receive a similar treatment. it is common knowledge that none of us have inserted the USB correctly the first time of trying, yes, if you have, it must have been a fluke. To avoid this and avoid the irritation the new generation of USB cables will have a reversible plug meaning you can push it in either directions.

The USB cable will start to go out in 2014 and will support both USB 2.0 ports and 3.1 ports. This new standard is going to be called Type C and certainly will help reducing the thickness of various devices. The specifications would be released very soon and looks like there will be a fair few players who will take this technology on board.

Via: Technobuffalo

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