Next iPhone may have Sapphire instead of Gorilla Glass

iPhones are probably some of the best smart phones built out there. In fact we could rate it right up there with the likes of the Nokia N8, HTC One X and the Motorola Razr as one of the best looking devices. Yet one of the main features of the iPhone has been the Gorilla Glass that is used on top of the display of the iPhone. Post the iPhone lots of other smart phone companies used the Gorilla Glass and later the Gorilla Glass 2 on their devices. However, seems like Apple is all set to switch the trend once again. They are reportedly all set to use Sapphire instead of Glass on their next major iteration of the iPhone.

iphone sapphire

Few reports such as this have been making rounds that Sapphire which is an incredibly hard and transparent material can be used instead of the glass and would provide much more resistance to accidental drops or inevitable car key scratches. The low cost of sapphire too, although still costing more than the Gorilla Glass by as much as ten times, could be one of the most important reason why Apple could possibly consider the switch.

Strictly speaking on a hardness scale, a sapphire is only inferior to Diamond and can be at least three times as strong as the Gorilla Glass and could virtually make your iPhone indestructible. There is also mummers that Apple could use the Sapphire crystal on top of the iSight Camera lens to make sure there are no scratches which could decrease the life of your iPhone camera.

We will keep you posted about further developments, but the resident engineer in us is really excited about this rumor. Do let us know your views too.

via: iGeeksblog

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