Nexus 4 Already Leaked Out Before The Anticipated Launch

We all had been eagerly awaiting the launch of Google’s next Nexus device i.e. the nexus 4. And if mother nature would not have interrupted then we would be looking forward to the launch later tonight. But as things stand, due to the Hurricane Sandy and safety of various journalists, Google decided to indefinitely put the event back. However, to still give you the flavour of the events that may follow, plenty of images have been leaked online of what is the next Nexus device. The pricing is also well revealed, and we can pretty much say with confidence the device will be running Android 4.2 and a quad core processor. The Nexus 4 is made by LG unlike the previous two Nexus devices which which were made by Samsung.

However, we are not too impressed by the design of the device as it pretty much looks like the Galaxy Nexus which has been filled a little extra air. Don’t get me wrong, the device looks nice but a little more innovation would not have been too bad. The back of the device looks pretty classy as compared to the all plastic back of the two previous Nexus smart phones. The device also has 8 MP camera on board, but we will preserve our judgement on it’s quality given LG are yet to produce a device with good camera capabilities.

We do hope that Google would announce more than one device though at the event. We may also see two new variants of the Nexus 7. Cause if this Nexus 4 is all that we will be getting for a Nexus device this year, then that’s pretty¬†disappointing.

Via: RemondPie


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