Nexus 4 To Get a Memory Bump at Google I/O?

Nexus 4, the flagship nexus device surprisingly is available only in 8 GB and 16 GB variant in the market currently. And with no support for Micro SD for storage expansion, it seems like that the device is slightly inadequate for storing all that the users might want to. And as a result of this, it seems like Google would upgrade the device at the upcoming Google I/O in May.

Nexus 4

If the hushes are to be believed then the Google nexus 4 will be upgraded and be available in a 32 GB variant alongside the 8 GB and 16 GB versions that already exist. This is not all though, as there is speculation that we may be getting a LTE variant in the Nexus 4. Google stated that the reason it excluded the LTE antennae in Nexus 4 was that it wanted it to be a true global phone and since LTE is not available in plenty of countries, it made lots of sense.

However, all this does mean that maybe we are not going to get a new nexus device anytime soon, at least not at the I/O event. No Motorola X phone which has been rumored for a while too. So, going by all this it looks like the Google I/O 2013 will be more focused on the Operating System than hardware. Oh well, we would still have liked a new nexus device. But good news for those who had been waiting to pick the Nexus 4 but delayed due to less memory storage.

Via: Starkinsider

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