Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Could be Released in a Few Hours?

It has been a magnet of interest, Nexus 5 and seems like it is working perfectly well for Google. Yes, we are talking about unlimited leaks of videos and pictures of the Nexus 5 from every possible corner recently. The device has so thoroughly been leaked out, that it is as good as already available. According to the latest leaks, the device may well be available on sale as early as November 1s. Right from the announcement of KitKat as the Official name of Android 4.4, which showed the picture of a man using a Nexus 5 till date where easily you can see a hands on video on Youtube, there is literally no surprise left.


From the confidential documents leaked out, we know that KitKat will bring along several changes in UI and few App changes as well, like Hangouts and SMS app to combine together in a Hangouts app. Wall Street Journal editor Jessica Lessin’s site claims to have information about some of the lesser known features too. The most important information in the doc is that Google plans to kill the issue of fragmentation on Android, which means even an older device which does not have latest hardware could run Kitkat without much fuss.

Google reportedly is also pushing NFC and Mobile Wallet payments in KitKat and that may be available only on few devices as not all Android phones come with NFC. There is also renewed focus on IR blaters which have been bought back into prominence by the likes of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Devices. SO, be prepared cause the official announcement could be just around the corner, and only then will we know the exact status of what’s coming, when and most importantly on how many devices.

Via: Technobuffalo

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