Nexus 5 Launch Imminent in India as Stocks Start Filling up at Retail Stores

Nexus 5 has been one of the most sought out devices in the Holiday season. The phone is available in the USA, UK as well as part of Europe. However, as usual, India has had to hold the hand up and wait for its chance. To their credit, Google did announce the smartphone on the Play Store as Coming Soon with the prices the moment it went for sale globally, to reiterate the fact that they are keeping India as a part of their plans. However, since then, things havent progressed much.

Nexus 5 India Availability1

Looks like though, that the device is all set to be rolled out in India as some of the reports are claiming that retailers have now got the stock for the device in selected LG Stores in Mumbai and Bangalore. Some of the other retailers too have taken up to their Social Platforms to share that the phone would be available with them very shortly. But, you may have to spend about 1K more as the price listed on the Play Store for the 16 GB variant is about Rs. 28,999.

Nexus 5 India Availability

As a premium for owning the phone early, we are sure that’s not much of an issue. So, are you excited about the imminent launch of the LG Nexus 5? Are you getting one? Let us know in the section below.

Thanks: Mr. Manish Khatri

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