Nexus 5 to be Available in 6 New Different Colors?

Nexus range of devices have so far been only about giving a pure Google experience to the users without charging a premium. The devices receive the latest Android updates quickest and that is indeed the USP of the line. However, looks like with Nexus 5, fair few things are set to change and this change is something plenty will welcome.


Hands down, Google has been more selective of the designs of their Nexus devices after they dropped a proper clanger with the designs of Nexus S and to an extent Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 5 is perhaps one of the most well made devices in the market today despite being largely a plastic phone. However, the latest leaks suggest that the new Nexus 5 may well be available in 6 different color options excluding the white and black units that are already available. The leak comes from Phone Arena which is actually from a video of a test version of Google Pay Store. It allows you to pick the device in colors such as purple, yellow, green, blue etc. The customizations may not be as in depth as the Moto Maker, however, it is still a great deal of value addition to a Nexus which so far has only been about standard two colors.

It remains to be seen if this would come true or not, however, as a start, this is indeed some really interesting development. If it does happen though, which color Nexus 5 would you like to pick? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Phone Arena

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