Nexus 6 Has a Hidden Notifications LED

We love a surprise or two, in fact, there is no greater joy than discovering a feature on a smartphone that you thought did not even exist. This is exactly the case with the  Nexus 6 which is already an extremely capable device. When the device was launched, a few questions were asked of Motorola and Google about the decision to not include an LED light for notification alerts. It was a minor thing, but notification lights have been a big deal on Android phones, and just about all flagships have one.


However, just like a good old surprise, Motorola has surprised us with a Notification light that is hidden awkwardly within the speaker grille of the device. It is a bit like the way HTC have implemented their LED notification light, within the Boomsound speakers, but definitely can be seen bight and clear. The LED on the Nexus 6 is multicoloured so you can set apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram to blink different colors for different type of alerts.

The LED alert is urned off by default, which is kind of frustrating, you will need to root your Nexus 6 to be able to use this. Once you have rooted the device, you can use third party apps such as light flow to get the most out. We are sure, developers in the community will also come up with ROMs that would have the notification LED active by default without the need of using third party applications, though for now that is not the case.For now, if you cannot root the device, you do have the ability to use the ambient display that lights up every time a notification comes up.

DIY: Enabling the LED on Nexus 6

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