Nexus 7 (16 GB) Now Available Officially via Google Play Store in India

In what can be considered a real positive move forward in commercializing the Nexus brand by Google, it’s flagship tablet the Nexus 7 can now be ordered directly from the Google Play Store if you are in India. The tablet will set you back Rs. 15,999 and having used the tablet for the past four or so months, we can assure you it is worth every penny. Even in the cluttered market of tablets, not many tablets apart from maybe the iPad Mini come close to the performance of the Nexus 7 in the sub ten inch category. Although, the device is pretty old now if you consider global market, having launched in the US last year, we still are all for the deal and finally the fact the device is officially available in India.

Nexus 7 available in India

India has definitely become a fairly big hub of the developers in the Android community and this is a small victory for all those who are looking at the Nexus devices to get the Vanilla experience of Android. Google recently added India as one of the countries where it would sell it’s devices directly from the Play Store and we can only hope that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 become available shortly too.

If you happen to order the tablet right now, it would be shipped by April 5th and there is no option of  picking the older 8 GB model. Also, you cannot opt for the LTE model yet and this is a pure Wi-Fi version. Do check out the Play Store here to order this mini beast

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