Nexus 7 16 GB Wi-Fi Model Now Available for Rs 9,999

Google recently had slashed the prices of Nexus 7 when they had announced the newer version of the popular tablet. However, looks like those who are looking for a tablet in a sub 10K category can now pick the older version of Nexus 7 after the price was further reduced to about Rs 10,000 on various E-Commerce sites. you can find the Nexus 7 for Rs. 9,999 from Flipkart here.

Nexus 7

The tablet, despite being an year old, remains one of the very best options if you are looking for a 7 inch device and the best part is it still remains one of the very first devices to receive all the updates from Google. The 32 GB version of the tablet is available for Rs 13,499 while the 32 GB version with 3G will set you back by Rs. 16,999.

Google is expected to announce the new nexus 7 in India sometime this holiday season, but given the massive price cut in the previous generation products, it looks like we may well have the new Nexus 7 sooner than most expected. This price cut definitely is a bad news for most of the OEMs which were aiming to build tablets for the budget market as the Nexus 7 is without a shadow of a doubt a better product in terms of hardware specs and performances than any other we have seen in this price bracket.


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