Nexus 7 2013 Now Available Internationally

Nexus 7 was the most popular tablet last year alongside the iPad Mini. The two tablets pretty much established the new unsaid rule of the market that 7 or 8 inch is the perfect size when it comes to the tablet world. However, recently Google announced the successor to the first Nexus 7 in a Nexus 7 which has a better display and beefed up specs. However, like always the tablet was available in US only to start off with, butt that is set to change as the tablet is all set to roll out in the second batch of countries in the first week of September as was planned.

Nexus 7

Those living in Japan, UK, France, Germany and Spain can now order the new Nexus 7 and enjoy the upgraded processor, 2 GB RAM and 5 MP Camera. In the UK, the cost of the next gen Nexus 7 is expected to be 199.99 Pounds for the 16 GB version and 239.99 Pounds for the 32 GB version. For those in Europe, the 16 GB version will cost 229 Euros and the 32 GB will be approximately for 269 Euros. The device is also expected to be available in Korea soon too. For now, the only Asian country receiving the tablet is Japan where it will cost 27,800 Yen.

Though there is no word on pricing in India yet, seeing the poor state of the currency, dont be surprised if the 16 GB of the version costs northwards of Rs. 20,000.

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